[ Brand New Features !!! ]

* Global Online - Play with your friends with simple steps! All over the world. Also support specific matching.

* Insane BOT - "I bet you cannot win it !!!"

* Frozen Theme - Various patterns and pictures, More Coming...

* Local 2 people - Suitable for families and close friends

[ How to play multiplayer ]

1. Green start button
2. Enter the login screen of the multiplayer mode (blue globe button)
3. Enter "name ID"
4. Click the green start button

* Extra: If you want to match your friends accurately, please press the blue and white dots and enter the same "Room" to play.

[ Developing ]

* 2P vs 2P - Fun Fun Family, a bridge to improve relationships.

* Ranking System - Show Time !

~~~ More Developing ~~~

Please tell me if some bugs or want some new features. Thanks

Contact: fimrix.development@gmail.com

Also available on

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